are now open!


are now open!

Our Mission:
Making everyday more glamorous for you, no matter what your price point.
In 1947, Christian Dior captured the spirit of our mission when he said
"In a century that seems intent on destroying all it's secrets one by one,
fashion is the incarnation of mystery itself. The great adventure of the
pursuit of this glamour then is not merely a vanity fair, it is the frivolous
and shining display of a civilization intent on it's own survival."

We pick up where Cinderella's fairy godmother left off..

Since Cinderella's fairy godmother retired, we've all felt a significant drop in fairytale moments.
The world definitely seems to be a much more cynical place. We're here to set things right,
And deliver you the kind of glamour Babe Paley and Holly Golightly would approve of!

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    Save Time and Money

    A truly spectacular wardrobe usually requires an elaborate foxtrot between your favorite stores. Our team of style ninjas diligently researches & features the most interesting outfits from all your favorite stores, so you can save time & money on shipping. Simply pick your favorites on Marteenee & let us take care of the rest!
    It's your one stop shop for all the most interesting pieces from all your favorite stores!

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    Get Personalized Recommendations

    The pursuit of everyday glamour can be a gnarly task. So many options. Such little time. We serve you the best that your favorite stores have to offer, tailored to your lifestyle, price point and occasion, so you can focus on living your most fabulous life.

    So let's grab a glass o' champagne, put on your most comfy sweater & your favorite pair of red heels and let's raise a toast to the fact that never again do you have to worry about having a wardrobe full o' clothes, and yet nothing to wear! *clink*

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    Be Inspired

    Get a pulse on how the world is dressing today through our World Style section! Whether it be pictures from posh parties, cozy brunches, ladies' nights out or movie nights in, you'll catch endless stylish moments from lives across the world.

    Plus, you never know who you might inspire with your next outfit in turn!

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    The More You Share, The More You Save.

    Share your best outfits and your favorite concoctions of everyday glamour, topped with sequins & ruffles, lace & leather, stockings & skirts with your friends. Every glamorous moment you share with friends on Marteenee earns you points, which our in house team o' pixies converts into serious discounts on your next order!

Let's start by getting to know your style!

Which of these movies is your go to Sunday night pick?