We pick up where Cinderella's fairy godmother left off..

Since Cinderella's fairy godmother retired, we've all felt a significant drop in fairytale moments.
The world definitely seems to be a much more cynical place. We're here to set things right,
And deliver you the kind of glamour Babe Paley and Holly Golightly would approve of!

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The perfect outfit for your next occasion is out there. Let's help you find it!

So let's grab a glass o' champagne,
put on your most comfy sweater & your favorite pair of red heels
and let's raise a toast to the fact that you never have to worry again
about having a wardrobe full o' clothes, and yet nothing to wear!

Outfits Of The DayThe Pulse of How The World Is Dressing Today

Our Mission:Whether her boutique préféré is Chanel, Galeries Lafayette or H&M, it is our mission
to make sure that every girl feels her most fabulous self, every single day,
so she feels prepared to kick ass at whatever her day holds.
The rest is gravy.


In 1947, Christian Dior captured the spirit of our mission when he said
"In a century that seems intent on destroying all it's secrets one by one,
fashion is the incarnation of mystery itself. The great adventure of the
pursuit of this glamour then is not merely a vanity fair, it is the frivolous
and shining display of a civilization intent on it's own survival."